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Spring Courses 6-16 March 2017

Course Instructor Level ECTS
Computational Statistics Audrino, Francesco R 4

Spring Courses 15-24 May 2017

Course Instructor Level ECTS
Resampling Methods and Forecasting Camponovo, Lorenzo R 4

Pre-Session / Workshop Lectures 1-3 June 2017

Course Instructor Level ECTS
Applied Maths and Matrix Algebra McDaniel, Timothy WL 0
Regression Analysis McDaniel, Timothy WL 0
Statistics with "R" Hildebrand, Christian WL 0

1st Session 6-9 June 2017

Course Instructor Level ECTS
Case Study Methods Bennett, Andrew B 4
Meta-Analysis - Beyond Data Synthesis van Essen, Marc A 4
Advanced Microeconometrics Frölich, Markus R 4
Network Analysis - Statistical Analysis of Social Network Data Heaney, Michael T. M 4
Machine Learning with R - Introduction Lantz, Brett B 4
Regression I - Introduction McDaniel, Timothy B 4
Time Series Analysis - Introduction Mitchell, Sara M 4
Regression II - Linear Models Pollins, Brian M 4
Categorical Data Analysis Smith, Shawna A 4

2nd Session 12-16 June 2017

Course Instructor Level ECTS
Structural Equation Models I Baer, Douglas M 4
Longitudinal Data Analysis Berbaum, Michael M 4
Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis I Hayes, Andrew F. M 4
Exploring Multivariate Data: Principal Components, Factor Analysis, and Multidimensional Scaling Jacoby, William M 4
Bayesian Data Analysis Kalish, Michael M 4
Regression Analysis II - Linear Models McDaniel, Timothy M 4
Qualitative Research and Data Analysis Mihas, Paul B 4
Data Mining Stine, Robert A 4
Time Series Analysis - Advanced Methods Trenkler, Carsten M 4

3rd Session 19-23 June 2017

Course Instructor Level ECTS
Structural Equation Models II - Advanced Methods Baer, Douglas A 4
Designing and Analyzing Discrete Choice Experiments Dellaert, Benedict & Donkers, Bas M 4
Experimental Methods for Behavioral Science Häubl, Gerald B 4
Econometrics of Big Data Hansen, Christian / Chernozhukov, Victor R 4
Mediation, Moderation, and Conditional Process Analysis II Hayes, Andrew F. A 4
Mixed Methods Research Johnson, R. Burke M 4
Qualitative Comparative Analysis Ragin, Charles M 4
Basic and Advanced Multilevel Modeling with MPlus Preacher, Kristopher J. M 4
Regression III - Advanced Methods Zorn, Christopher A 4
Statistical Learning and Applications De Mol, Christine R 4

Fall Courses 16-27 October 2017

Course Instructor Level ECTS
Causal Inference Lechner, Michael R 4


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